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  • Kitchen
    by HIC Harold Import Co.
    Dining & entertaining
    Bar Tools & Drinkware

    – HIC Julep Bar Strainer is a charming and effective way to strain beverages and cocktails
    – Made from 18/8 stainless steel; resists rust and corrosion; won’t interact with ingredients, absorb odors, or transfer flavors between uses
    – Pours chilled drinks while keeping ice and muddled herbs, fruits and spices out of the finished drink; no more watered-down drinks with unwanted bits
    – Great for the Mint Julep, Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Arnold Palmer, Martini, and craft cocktails, like Watermelon Mojito, The Cuke, and more

  • Kitchen
    by Le Chateau
    Dining & Entertaining
    Bar Tools & Drinkware

    100% LEAD FREE CRYSTAL – Our hand blown lead-free crystal decanters add radiance to any room or kitchen with a modern yet elegant design. Impress your guests, amplify the ambiance and enhance the purity, aroma, and taste of your favorite red or white wine with our wine pourer. Great for a merlot, cabernet, pinot noir, port and other bottles of wine.
    PROVIDE YOUR WINE WITH ITS OWN CHATEAU! Free your wine from the grasp of an air restricting bottle by letting it flow into our elegant crystal wine decanter aerator. Decanting the wine from the bottle to the decanter oxygenates the wine and releases its rich aroma and flavor.
    PERFECTLY ENGINEERED FOR A STANDARD 750ML BOTTLE – Don’t be tricked by other manufacturers claiming their decanter has a volumetric capacity of 1700ml or more. The volume is pointless! What really matters is how much breathable surface area 1 bottle of wine is exposed to in the carafe. When an entire bottle of wine is poured into OUR decanter, the wine reaches the widest diameter on the decanter allowing for maximum aeration! This is one of the only wine accessories you can’t live without.

  • Kitchen
    by KITCHY
    Dining & Entertaining
    Bar Tools & Drinkware

    Perfect for Hostess, Housewarming, Wedding and Anniversary Gifts

    Everything You Need to Open and Serve a Bottle of Wine
    1. Classic Lever Style Wine Opener
    2. A Dual Blade Foil cutter
    3. Two Wine Bottle Stoppers
    4. A Drip Stop Ring
    5. A Replacement Spiral warm
    6. A Wine Thermometer
    7. An Aerator Pourer

    A great gift for any event, for both men and women. With its sleek modern look, high quality stainless steel moving parts and elegant design, this wine accessories kit can serve as a gift for any happy event, such as Christmas, wedding, housewarming, garden party or birthday.