Kenmore 09083 Replacement Refrigerator Filter – 9083 (Pack of 2)

by Kenmore
Refrigerator Parts & Accessories

Water filter 9083 is for select Kenmore side-by-side refrigerators.
Kenmore refrigerator water filter 9083 fits: kenmore 9030 – 9020 – 9020B – 9030B – 469083 – 46-9083
Replace every 6 months, or more often if water flow slows noticeably.
Follow package instructions when you install this genuine Kenmore water filter.

Genuine Kenmore refrigerator water filter Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), used the Active Coconut Carbon Block has micropores the size of 0.18mm that removes potentially harmful contaminants.

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by Kenmore
Refrigerator Parts & Accessories

Filter Parameters:
Temperature: 33-100°F(0.5-38°C)
Pressure: 30-100 PSI (207-690kPa)
Flow Rate: 0.55GPM(2.50LPM)
Usage life: 6 months
Capacity: 300 gallons
Filter Media: Coconut Shell Carbon Block

Operating Parameters:
Temperature: Min. 33°F (0.6°C) Max. 100 F (38°C)
Working Pressure: Min. 30 psi (207 kPa) Max. 120 psi (827 kPa)
Capacity: 200 gallons (757 Liters) with PID, 100 gallons (379 liters) without PID

Installation Instructions:
1. Rotate and release useless filter, then remove and discard the filter.
2. Insert the new filter into the housing and rotate unit it locks into place.

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