LectraLock – Baby Safety Electrical Outlet Cover – Duplex Plug Cover – Deep Socket Protector

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Lectralock – Baby Safety Electrical Outlet Cover

LectraLock electrical outlet protectors are the ideal way to prevent your little ones from tampering with plugs and electrical outlets. Safety covers are also used extensively to prevent plugs from falling out and the outlet plug locks also prevent crushing of plugs behind doors and furniture. Providing outlet plug cover and plate cover, this removable type wall plug cover is quick and easy to install, simply snapping into place. While the power outlet cover is easy for adults to remove, it is also highly tamper resistant, making it ideal for baby proofing. Outlet covers are modern, impact resistant and high quality.

Easy child proofing: outlet covers in many colors, shapes and sizes.

Electrical outlet cover’s dimensions: When installed this power outlet cover is 4.88 inches high by 3.14 inches wide and protrudes from the wall 3.31 inches. This outlet protector fits standard duplex style receptacles.There is 3 inches of depth inside the power plug cover when closed. (This is a deep child safety outlet cover model for larger plugs).

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by LectraLock
Baby Products
Electrical Safety

– OUTLET SAFETY COVER: This plug protector covers exposed electrical outlets and plugs – even when they’re in use.
– CHILD PROOFING: Outlet cover is easily removable by adults, but prevents children reaching plugs that are in use – outlet cover keeps sockets protected.
– EASY INSTALLATION: Strong and impact resistant safety covers for outlets can be fitted anywhere indoors and removed quickly.
– DUPLEX OUTLET COVERS: This electrical socket protector provides childproof outlet covers for up to 2 plugs.
– LIFETIME GUARANTEE: We want your purchase to be worry free. All electrical outlet safety covers carry a lifetime warranty when used in residential applications.

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