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    3s Mortar and Pestle the Best Usage Tool for Spice Grinder Without Any Problem.

    There are lots of kitchen and household uses, including turning prescription tablets into a powder, crushing fresh herbs, grinding spices, transform your homemade meals etc.

    Sturdy and use for a long time
    Made of stainless steel which is durable even some hard spice on it no problem ,more wearable than marble and granite -the usual materials for this tool,lasting using with 10 years.

    Easy to clean without residual bacteria
    No matter what kind of thing you put in such as spice,pill,fruit,you will clean it within 1 minute,really easy, don’t have to worry something stick there to bacteria.

    Different meaning of Kitchen
    It provides people with a chance to understand different enjoy of kitchen in daily life,,mortar and pestle is not only a tool, it is also a kind of life attitude,style of American cooking.

    Create your own taste with 3s brand granite mortar and pestle
    Try it, experience it. It’s a no-doubt for being a good helper.

    Sweet design safe using
    There’s a rubber ring glued to the base of the mortar to both prevent its sliding around in use, and protect the surface of the counter top or table it is being used upon,such as when grinding medical pills into powder to be mixed with juice for consumption. A brushed finish prevents the pills and chunks from sliding away.