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    Upgraded, powerful function of rat and mice repellent and prevents them from appearing again. It is necessary to battle rodents and insects in your house apartment office hotel restaurant or shop in order to protect your health your family guests and clients and property. There is a better way to get all the pests leave the new pest control ultrasonic repellants which can be used to control mice, rats, ants, roaches, mosquitos, insects, flea, spiders, lizard, mosquitoes and more. Forget about dangerous mouse or rat traps.

    Just plug the ultrasonic pest repeller into a socket at a distance from floor and get ultrasonic pest animal repeller control that emits ultrasound variable electromagnetic field around the wiring space which pests and insects most sensitive repelling then forcing them go away. This pest control no odor or sound, and does not carry any risk to humans adults or kids.Pest repellent plug-in device is also completely safe for dogs cats and other pets except domestic rats hamsters gerbils and rabbits. Just Plug-In this electric Home Repellent.

    When you use any other tools that work against pests, this will work better with ultrasonic pest repeller device. Completely nature friendly indoor pest repeller !. Mouse will not get lost in the wall or under a floor in a remote location and will not emit an unpleasant odor and no needed more in any extraction will require a lot of efforts and money. Use the efficient sonic pest repellents and such a problem will never arise!. Do not block the electronic pest repeller with objects. Do not need additional accessories quipment products and services.Use indoors only.