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    by Time Roaming
    Baking Tools & Accessories

    MATERIAL: 100% silicone and BPA , heat resistance: -30 to+240 C.
    MULTI-PURPOSE: Hot pads, bassets, splash guards, can openers, placemats, lids, food covers, and cutlery placement. 12 inch diameter oven hot pad fits most turntables, and it also can be cut to fit your different turntables.
    EASY TO CLEAN: Non-sticky, dishwasher safe, easy to clean.
    FUNCTION: The silicone microwave mats are designed to contain spills, drips and splatters, Keep your turntable clean and tidy.
    AUTHENTIC GUARANTEE: This product was made by [TIME ROAMING] US TRADEMARK BRAND which never granted to any other sales agents. Please look for [TIME ROAMING] before purchase, we offer 100% authentic guarantee for the product.