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    Unleash the kitchen paper towel that cleans like cloth. VIVA Vantage Paper Towels clean up more than just spills with a scrubby texture for scrubbing dirty pots and pans, shining stainless steel or even cleaning the . The sponge-like absorbency makes them perfect for kitchen and bathroom cleanups, and this pack of paper towels lets you select a size for any mess.

    VIVA Choose-A-Sheet Big Plus Rolls have 97 individually perforated paper towel sheets per paper towel roll. Plus, you can save up to 15% and conveniently keep strong VIVA Vantage Choose-A-Sheet Paper Towels on hand. Schedule routine delivery with free shipping, and you can change or cancel a delivery at any time. Experience the cloth-like durability and scrubby texture of VIVA Vantage absorbent paper towels, and get the power you need to tackle your toughest jobs.